Centre for Behavioural Genetics

The Centre for Behavioral Genetics (CBG) is currently the only centre in Serbia that conducts research in the field of behavioral genetics. The CBG was founded in 2013 at the Faculty of Philosophy, University of Novi Sad. The CBG team consists of teachers and associates of the Department of Psychology, Faculty of Philosophy and the Faculty of Medicine, University of Novi Sad, that is, doctors of psychological and medical sciences, with many years of practice and and experience in scientific research. In addition, the team includes students from different levels of study, who have the opportunity to gain useful knowledge and valuable experience in collaboration with more experienced colleagues through volunteering at the CBG.

The aim of establishing the CBG is to conduct a study on twins, ie. research on twin pairs (identical and fraternal) to gain a deeper understanding of the effects of environmental (family, lifestyle, diet, etc.) and genetic factors (DNA), as well as their interactions, on the development and formation of personality traits, intelligence, and other psychological and physiological features.

In addition to scientific work, the CBG nurtures an applied aspect of psychology and medicine. Concerning this direction, the CBG activities have expanded into several areas. These include training for parents of twins and parents expecting twins, providing education at http://www.blizanci.rs/statskola.php, and services of designing methodology, conducting research and statistical data processing http://www.blizanci.rs/obrada.php, as well as work on popularising science through promotion at science festivals, researchers' nights, TEDx conferences and the like.

More about the CBG activities can be found at www.blizanci.rs.

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