Admission Guide

General Enrolment Conditions

Elible to enrol in the first year of the Bachelor Studies are the applicants who have completed secondary education with four years of duration and who have passed the entrance exam.  The detailed conditions for enrollment are determined by the open call for application and the Rulebook on taking entrance exams and enrollment of applicants at the study programmes implemented by the Faculty of Philosophy.

Selection of applicants

The rank list of applicants for admission to the Faculty is determined on the basis of the scores from the entrance exam and the grade point average from the secondary school.

Applicant selection criteria
The selection of applicants for admission to the first year of Bachelor studies is done according to the score achieved in the entrance exam  and the grade point average from the secondary school.
The secondary school grade point average refers to the sum of all grade averages from all subjects in first, second, third and fourth grade multiplied by 2 (two).
The grade point average is rounded to two decimal places.
On this basis, an applicant can have at least 16 and up to 40 points. The applicant may earn a maximum of 60 points in the entrance exam.

Process of selection
The selection of candidates is made on the basis of the scores achieved in the entrance exam, as well as and the grade point average from the secondary school, and based on the ranking made in relation to the total number of points of each applicant according to the established criteria. The maximum number of points in the entrance exam is 60, while the grade point average maximum is 40 points.
A UNIQUE RANK LIST is determined for admission of the students funded by the budget and the students who are self-funded; the rank list position determines the student status. 
An applicant who has shown exceptional success as a third/fourth grade secondary school student in a national-level competition organised by the Ministry of Education and Sports, or in a federal or international competition, does not take the entrance exam in the relevant subject.
The applicant referred to in the previous paragraph shall be assigned the maximum number of points for the entire entrance exam, or its relevant part.
If the applicants eligible for admission after the open call do not enroll within the set deadline, they will be considered to have withdrawn, and, accordingly, the corresponding number of other applicants will be entered instead of them, based on he ranking list.

Application procedure
When applying for the open call, the applicants must submit the ORIGINAL DOCUMENTS for verification:
◦ Identity card (in case of an ID card with a chip, it is necessary to provide a read ID card)
◦ Report card for every grades of the previously completed secondary school
◦ Certificate (diploma) of the final exam
◦ Proof of payment for the entrance exam fee
◦ Photocopies of  the original documents.

Enrollment procedure
The applicants who obtain the right to enroll in the Faculty submit:
◦ Original documents for verificantion, with copies of the original documents
◦ Two SV-20 forms (obtained at the Faculty bookshop)
◦  Index booklet  (obtained at the Faculty bookshop)
◦ Two 4x6 cm photos
◦ Proof of payment of study fees.

Protection of the rights of participants in the open call
A candidate who is dissatisfied with the established rank list has the right to object. The complaint shall be submitted to the Commission within 24 hours following the publication of the rank list. The Commission is obliged to process the complaint and make a decision within 24 hours. A candidate who is dissatisfied with the decision of the Commission has the right to appeal to the Dean of the Faculty within three days from the day of announcement of the decision of the Commission. The Dean issues a decision on the candidate's complaint within 3 days from the day the complaint is received. The Dean’s decision is final.

Entrance exam
The classification exam is taken by all applicants, regardless of the number of applicants applied and the number established in the open call for enrollment in the first year of particular study programmes of the Faculty of Philosophy.
The entrance exam covers the curricula of the subjects of the corresponding four-year secondary school, which are relevant as a pre-requisite for successful studying at the Faculty.
The applicants may score a maximum of 60 points in the entrance exam.
The entrance exam can be the following: a written exam (test), a written and an oral exam, or an essay and an oral exam.
Entrance exams are under the Entrance Exams Committees appointed by the Teaching and Scholarly Council of the Faculty.
The applicant is obliged to bring an identification card or passport to the entrance exam.
The date and time of the entrance exam is determined by the open call for enrollment in the first year of Bachelor studies.
The nformation on the exact time and place of the entrance exame, as well as any additional information will be displayed on the notice boards of the respective departments or chairs, as well as in the Student Affairs Office of the Faculty of Philosophy in Novi Sad.

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