The Faculty of Philosophy today

The Faculty of Philosophy is one of the two oldest faculties of the University of Novi Sad with a rich educational tradition founded in 1954, successfully spreading knowledge and promoting excellence in the field of social sciences and humanities for more than six decades. It has grown to become a recognizable HE institution in Europe offering more than 30 accredited study programmes at all three levels of study (BA, MA and PhD).

The Faculty is a modern scientific-educational institution with 18 departments, being home to more than 5,500 students and around 400 staff members. There are 14 centres at the Faculty, including the Centre for Serbian as a Foreign Language, where the foreign students have the opportunity to take classes of Serbian language, and the Centre for Languages, which offers courses in more than 25 global languages. In accordance with the European standards in higher education, the Faculty educates future experts in philology, history, psychology, pedagogy, philosophy, sociology, social work, journalism, cultural and communication studies. The central library has over 600,000 volumes, along with digital and electronic editions available on the website. 


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