The Ambassador of Korea presented a special recognition to the Dean


The Ambassador of the Republic of Korea to Serbia, His Excellency Hyoung-chan Choe visited the Faculty of Philosophy of the University of Novi Sad on 12 February 2021. On this occasion, the Ambassador, presented a special Certificate of Merit for the development of relations between the two countries and contribution to the spread of Korean culture to the Dean of the Faculty, Prof. Dr. Ivana Živančević Sekeruš. The recognition was awarded by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Korea. According to the ambassador, this recognition is rarely given to foreigners, so he is all the more pleased that he personally presented it to Professor Živančević Sekeruš.

In his first official visit to Novi Sad, the Ambassador said that he was honored to be at the Faculty of Philosophy. "We are happy and the opening of the King Sejong Institute here in Novi Sad is of great importance to us, and that students have the opportunity to learn our language," said the ambassador. "We especially thank all the professors and associates of the University of Novi Sad who helped us a lot and enabled us to have Korean language courses taught at the Faculty of Philosophy." He promised that the Korean Embassy would continue to support the activities of the Faculty of Philosophy.

"Owing to the support of the Korean Embassy, ​​the Faculty of Philosophy has introduced the Korean language in the course offer." - said the Dean Ivana Živančević Sekeruš. - "It is a significant opening of windows towards other cultures and civilizations to our students. With this recognition, the Korean Ministry of Foreign Affairs has shown that the cultural diplomacy of the Faculty of Philosophy is at a high level. This is a really significant recognition, not only for me personally, but for the entire University "- and added that at the time when she was a student, she could choose between four foreign languages, and that now there are over thirty of them available.

During this visit, the Ambassador presented a gift of over 500 KF94 masks to the rector of the University of Novi Sad, Prof. Dr. Dejan Jakšić, since, in His Excellency’s own words, "the crisis is still going on and we still need masks."

In a short address, the Rector Jakšić expressed gratitude for the masks and said that the University is also proud of this recognition and that he is happy that the Korean Embassy sees us as friends and partners.

The meeting was also attended by the Korean Minister-Adviser Donghwan Che, the representatives of the "King Sejong" Institute, and Vice-Deans of the Faculty of Philosophy.

The ceremony and meeting took place in the Projection Room of the Faculty of Philosophy.



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