About the Department of Psychology

The first group of students was enroled in the Psychology degree programme at the Faculty of Philosophy in Novi Sad at the beginning of the 1982/1983 academic year. The psychology degree programme has always been charged with the task of educating certified psychologists and today is one of the organizational units of the Department of Psychology. In addition to providing instruction, the Department also maintains the Research Department, the Seminar Library, and the Centre for Applied Psychology.
The primary task of the undergraduate programme is to educate students to become highly proficient psychologists working in posts in education, health care, social security, and industry. During the last twenty years, the syllabus and curriculum have changed a number of times, but the fundamental concept was retained. Specifically, the programme is of general in nature with the focus being on fundamental and established branches of Applied Psychology. The aim in the final years is to provide students with good methodological knowledge and to use interdisciplinary studies to provide a thorough knowledge base of the biological and social determinants of psychic phenomena. Since the 2004/2005 academic year, the programme has followed a new curriculum which is comprised only of one-semester courses and an increased number of elective courses. This practice is in accordance with contemporary reforms in higher education and enables students to take an active role in creating their own educational pathway.
The Department organizes both Specialist and Master’s degree programmes. Teaching is conducted by more than 30 full-time professors and teaching assistants along with several adjunct professors. To date, 750 students have received Bachelor’s degrees, and 11 Master’s and 9 Doctoral theses have been defended.
The second important activity of the Department is scientific research. Members of the Department have participated in the following projects: Socialization and Personality Development, Psychological and Socio-cultural Factors of Personality Development in a Multicultural Society, The Individual under the Conditions of Social Transition, and Fundamental Psychic Functions. Currently, members are participating in two projects called Conditions and Factors in the Development of European Identity and Psychological Principles of Integrating Disintegrated Human Resources in Transition. Hundreds of scientific and expert articles, monographs, and essays have been published concerning the outcomes of these studies. The members of the Department focus on topics related to their particular social environment but which are also in accordance with modern societies' needs for psychology.
The Department publishesthe journal Applied Psychology.       
The Department annually admits 80 students into the Bachelor’s degree programme and 60 students into the Master’s degree programme.

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