Closing Ceremony of the Free Summer Camp of Chinese Language and Culture


The participants of the Chinese Language and Culture Summer Camp attended the closing ceremony on Friday, 15 July 2022. The camp lasted for two weeks and the classes were divided into language classes and culture courses; the participants could choose any of the courses or all of them. The anguage courses were focused on the practical part, where the material was adapted to different life situations. During the culture classes, the participants could learn something about calligraphy and the art of tea culture, primarily the practical side, and they had the opportunity to try out their skills in both arts.

The Chinese director of the Confucius Institute, Mr. Chen Hui, praised the work of the camp participants during the two weeks of classes. He also pointed out that he hopes, even though the summer camp is over, that this is only the first step on the participants' journey through getting to know China. At the end of the presentation, Mr. Chen handed all participants certificates of completion of the course.

The Confucius Institute of the University of Novi Sad is open to anyone who wants to learn more about the Chinese language and culture. Welcome!


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