About the Department of Hungarian Studies

A division for Hungarian Language and Literature was founded on 14 July 1954 and became active on 21 October 1959 when the first division head and the first professor to teach at the department, the academician Ervin Sinkó, delivered his renowned acceptance address. In 2002 the department was renamed the Department of Hungarian Studies, and now also includes the Department of Hungarian Language and Literature, the Centre for Hungarian Language, the Hungarian Language Teaching Centre, the Research Division and the Seminar Library.
The Department for Hungarian Studies continues to foster rich international cooperation with philological institutions and departments in Hungary as well as in Austria and Romania. Cooperation with the Institute for Literary Studies within the Hungarian Academy of Sciences in Budapest, nurtured for three decades, has been particularly fruitful.
The Department offers post-graduate degree programmes in literature and linguistics on a regular basis and it is possible to attain a doctoral degree in these same academic fields.
To date, over 500 candidates have completed undergraduate degrees at the Department, over 50 graduates have received two-year masters degrees in linguistics or literary studies, and over 40 doctoral candidates have defended their doctoral theses and earned doctoral titles in philological, linguistic, literary history and theoretical fields of expertise.
The Department of Hungarian Studies today boasts one of the richest Hungarian language library holdings in the country, with nearly 50,000 catalogued books (46,488 at the moment, to be precise) and over 10,000 books which have yet to be catalogued, as well as 462 journals (with around 4500 annual volumes). It also publishes the journals Hungarológiai közlemények and Tanulmányok on a regular basis.
Every year, the Department of Hungarian Studies enrols 25 students in the Bachelor’s degree programme and 25 students in the Master’s degree programme.

Contact Information

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