About the Department of Ruthenian Studies

Ruthenian Studies has been a university discipline at the Faculty of Philosophy since 1 December 1972, when Julijan Ramač was elected as a language instructor for Ruthenian. Three years later, on 1 December 1975 Julijan Tamaš was elected junior teaching assistant for Ruthenian literature. On 12 April 1981, a division for Ruthenian Language and Literature was established within the Institute for Pedagogy and Julijan Tamaš MA was elected to head it. The first group of students were enroled at the beginning of the 1982/83 academic year. Once Julijan Tamaš had earned his PhD and was elected as Assistant Professor, the Department of Ruthenian Language and Literature was founded in 1983.

Some specific features of this Department include a relatively small number of students due to the small number of Ruthenians living in Vojvodina as well as the circumstances under which the teachers originally had to scientifically describe their subject matter before they were able to teach at the university level. The result of these efforts was landmark research published in the fields of Ruthenian and Slavic Studies covering the areas including the history of Ruthenian literature, the history of Ruski Krstur, the life and work of Gavril Kosteljnik, the history of the Ruthenian people, Ruthenian grammar, dictionaries of Ruthenian (bilingual Ruthenian-Serbian), confrontations between Ruthenian and English, and Ukrainian Literature between East and West, among others.

The Department of Ruthenian Studies annually accepts applications for 35 places in the Bachelor’s degree programme and for 5 places in the Master’s degree programme.

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