About the Department of Pedagogy

The development of pedagogy at the Faculty of Philosophy began in 1956/57 academic year when, at the initiative of the Department of History, pedagogical education of students was established, and was followed by the creation in 1965 of a division for Pedagogy within the Department of History.  In 1972/73 academic year the division for Pedagogy became an independent department and the first group of students was enrolled. In 1976, the Department of Pedagogy expanded into an Institute for Pedagogy within which the Department of Psychology operated for nine years. During the 1990/91 academic year the Institute was reorganized into the Department of Pedagogy and the Department of Psychology.

The Department of Pedagogy established a post-graduate degree programme beginning in the 1993/94 academic year in the following six fields: General Pedagogy, Didactics, School Pedagogy, Pre-School Pedagogy, Andragogy and the History of Pedagogy. Additionally, a degree in Specialist Studies was established in 2004. During the process of reformation, according to the demands of the Bologna Declaration Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree programmes were instituted at the Department of Pedagogy at the beginning of the 2006/2007 academic year.

In 1983, prolific publishing activity began at the Department of Pedagogy. Since then, a total of fifteen monographs have been published, including a large number of thematic anthologies and MA and PhD theses. Additionally, in 1995, the Department began publishing Zbornik Odseka za pedagogiju.

Every year the Department of Pedagogy accepts applications for 65 places in the Bachelor’s degree programme and for 10 places in the Master’s degree programme.

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E-mail: pedagozi@ff.uns.ac.rs
Tel: 021/450-419, 485-3919

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